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Why would I use HiLO™ Lens ?

Memorable photos are often taken from unique angles. It is much easier to take high angle or low angle shots with HiLO™ Lens. Use HiLO™ Lens to make more memorable photos.

HiLO™ Lens is so small that it can be with you all the time. With HiLO™ Lens you can lay the iphone on any surface for a makeshift tripod. Take self portraits, group shots, time lapse shots easily, anywhere, anytime.

How do I use HiLO™ Lens ?

HiLO™ lens has a small lens cap that you remove then simply tack HiLO™ Lens over your iPhone camera. You can align HiLO™ Lens with the profile of your iPhone or look into HiLO™ Lens and see when the iPhone camera window is centered.

You can take a photo using the HiLO™ Lens App or import existing photos from the Camera Roll and correct. The HiLO™ Lens App corrects for mirroring and improves the image quality because it has been designed for the HiLO™ Lens.

For video you should use the HiLO™ Lens App to correct mirroring on the fly. In video mode HiLO™ Lens provides a wider angle of view so video looks much better.

When will HiLO™ Lens be available ?

HiLO™ Lens was available on Kickstarter until 21 November 2012.

Kickstarter rewards started shipping in June. We had a number of manufacturing issues that needed to be worked through. HiLO™ Lens will be made available to subscribers at www.hilolens.com first, around August/September 2013.

How does HiLO™ Lens hold to the iPhone ?

On the bottom of HiLO™ Lens there is a thin, magical tacky pad.

There is a hole in the middle of the pad, so it does not interfere with the image. Unlike normal tape, the pad uses micro-suction. If the pad gets dirty you can clean it with soapy water and it becomes as tacky as new again.

The tacky pad could hold 10 times the weight of HiLO™ Lens. We over-engineered this !

No residue or marks are left on the iPhone when removing HiLO™ Lens.

Where do I keep HiLO™ Lens when not using it ?

HiLO™ Lens comes with a small aluminum container that can attach to a keyring.

Why a lens instead of a mirror ?

To cover the iPhone camera's angle of view a mirror would be large and ugly. HiLO™ Lens is small, elegant and maintains the camera's full field of view. Lenses are cool :)

Be aware that products with mirrors may only be useful for video.

How does the wide angle for video work ?

The HiLO™ Lens includes a wide angle lens, for photos the image is corrected for distortion and cropped to provide the standard angle of camera view. For video the iPhone uses a smaller area of the camera sensor (you see a reduced angle of view). HiLO™ Lens does not crop video so you benefit from a wider angle of view in video.

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