KGS on iPad

This service stopped on 11 August 2014. 

KGS is a server for playing the game of Go. But the KGS client is not available on iPad.

Our service provides the KGS client on your iPad.

To use service you will need:

To try the service

The standard KGS client will appear on your iPad, login to KGS with your KGS user name and password

Problems logging in

The user name and password is NOT sent to establish the VNC connection. The VNC client on the iPad allows you to see the screen of the server and that connection does not require a username or password. The user name and password is typed into the login window on the screen of the server after connecting with VNC. After you enter the user name and password on the KGS client runs, then you will enter your KGS user name and password to login to KGS

In the Mocha VNC Lite app, after selecting where to type, you tap the keyboard icon (bottom of the display) to make the keyboard appear so you can type.

When typing the password you will not see any characters appear, please still type the password and hit return

To get your own account

Ask Mark Hampton for a user name and password.

You will have a user name and password for your account on our server. You can ask for a specific user name so you have the same user name on our server as you do on KGS. But we will generate a password for you so we cannot know what your KGS password is.

Known Issues

VNC transports graphics but does not transport sound, so we don't have any sound from the KGS client :(